ESL Podcast 1082 – Traveling to a Remote Island

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plum job = теплое местечко, хлебная должность

Relates to the 1600s British term "plum" for 1,000 pounds, meaning a serious amount of money.

A "plum job" is a very easy, pleasant job that pays well. Sometimes it means a very good job that most people can't get. []

If a job is regarded as a plum one then it is considered very desirous. Why "plum"? Plum in the 17th century was slang for £1000, a very large sum indeed in those times. This use was then applied to some political jobs, thought by the man in the street to involve little work for a lot of money. From there the word entered wider use for an easy, choice job.

Ah, but it's also true that "plum" meant soft (with both newly-risen bread and wenches described that way....) so a plum job was a soft job, a metaphor still used today.

(soft job = непыльная работа, работа «не бей лежачего», теплое местечко)

Meaning: A desirable position which is well-paid and considered relatively easy is called a plum job.

Example: Ideally he would like to find himself a plum job in New York.

far-flung = отдаленный; обширный

1) covering a very large area
2) located in a very distant place

1. distributed over a considerable extent;
"far-flung trading operations";
"the West's far-flung mountain ranges";

2. remote;
"far-flung corners of the Empire"

desolate = пустынный, заброшенный, безлюдный

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